The V-1000 Sleeveless
The V-1000 Sleeveless
The V-1000 Sleeveless
The V-1000 Sleeveless

The V-1000 Sleeveless

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Prosthetic vulva with no sleeve in the back. Urination capability. Built in vaginal canal.

User manual and Attachment kit included


Our unique attachment method is long lasting, leaves no sticky residue and is 100% skin safe. Read more below.

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Attaching the V-1000



The prosthetic attaches to the pelvis and down the sides of the private area, while the shaft is inserted inside the back sleeve. You can wear the V-1000 as long as you'd like and when you are ready to remove it, you simply peel the prosthetic off. We recommend wearing this product no more than 2 days at a time before removing, cleaning, taking a short break and reattaching.

There is no sticky residue like brush-on adhesive! Our blending mix is a quick curing silicone that cures the prosthetic to your body for asweatproof long lasting bond.

 See photos of the prosthetic attached to an mtf body.

The Blending kit mix and all tools are included with each order. Once the prosthetic is attached, use the provided Blending Kit to smooth over the tab edges for 100% realism (undetectable as a prosthetic to the eye).

While wearing this prosthetic you can urinate while seated as there is a built-in urethra that carries the flow out through the bottom opening (see video). There is also a lubricated vaginal canal that is located appropriately so that when the penetrator enters, they are contacting the wearer's shaft through the soft thin silicone wall between them.

Return Policy: Cancelations are accepted should the processing time expire before the product has been shipped. Due to the nature of the item, returns are not accepted once the product has been received.