The Covert Basic™ (Plus)

The Covert Basic™ (Plus)

Choice Designs Pro

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This new advancement on the Covert Basic adds an internal reproductive system with the addition of the Ejacu-Loader™. This allows the wearer to preload their left testicle with the provided Ejacu-Fluid™ (pseudo semen that looks and smells real!) 

*Can also be loaded with real semen for insemination. 

To release, just give your ball a good squeeze and your penis will ejaculate!

Use the new Refresher Valve located behind the scrotum to occasionally add more lubrication and release any naturally formed air.


•Moveable Testicles and Scrotum

•Functioning Testicles attached to Vasa Deferentia 

•Ejacu-Loader™, Injector and Ejacu-Fluid™ (semen scented)

•Refresher Valve and Refresher Fluid


*Patents Pending*