The Covert Pleasure™ (Moving Testes)
The Covert Pleasure™ (Moving Testes)
The Covert Pleasure™ (Moving Testes)
The Covert Pleasure™ (Moving Testes)

The Covert Pleasure™ (Moving Testes)


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The Covert Pleasure with Moving Balls:

This prosthetic is a variation of the Covert Basic that has a soft silicone Pleasure bump installed on the back to stimulate the wearer. It also has a fully moveable balls that the wearer can feel while wearing! The shaft is realistically erect.

*This design is meant for jockstrap use only and is not meant to be attached.

The wearer can feel direct clitoral stimulation during intimacy along with feeling the balls moving against you!


* Clitoral Stimulation (Feels Amazing!)

* Comfortable, sturdy jockstrap

* Moveable balls that you can feel 

* Soft Cup to keep prosthetic in place


*Patents Pending* 

The Cup

The cup in the back is designed to position against your taint and between your labia. This helps keep the prosthetic in place as well as isolate your clitoris so the Pleasure Bump can rub it directly during intimacy. 


This prosthetic comes with a realistically erect shaft, which means intercourse feels great for your partner in a very stealth way.

Model Photos (18+)

Each order comes with a jockstrap.


This product can be worn with a Jockstrap for quick and easy placement and durable enough for sex. Add to your order below.



Return Policy: Due to the nature of the item, returns are not accepted once the product has been received.