Do you offer a payment plan?

At checkout, you can select Klarna or Afterpay as your payment method. This allows you to buy your product now and receive it upfront, while being able to make monthly payments.

Alternatively, you can begin a payment plan through us, by beginning your order with a down payment of 200 USD, followed by installments at any time increment or amount that works for you. Once the total has been completed, the item ships within 7 days. 


How long will it take to receive my product?

Orders currently process and ship within about 40-60 days. 


Is the S-1000 for post-op trans men? 

No, this product is designed for pre-op trans men and is truly open for anyone to wear if they please. 


Do you need to have an Orchiectomy to use the V-1000?

No, you don't need to have any previous surgeries to wear this product. It can be ordered with or without a sleeve and can also be worn by cisgender women.


Can I order a different size or shape?

Yes, with a Customization add-on (150 USD) you can select a length between 4" and 9". Email us at choicedesignspro@gmail.com with your desired size upon ordering.

What kind of packaging does my order come in?

We use USPS, FedEx and UPS depending on your location. Tracking information is emailed before shipment.


How do I select the right skin tone?

You can select a skin tone from checkout and email us a photo of your forearm for a custom matching. This is available for all products.d


What is your cancelation policy?

Due to the intimate nature of our products, once the order is received, it cannot be returned. Repairs are generally not offered, however some exceptions may be made. Contact us at choice.designs@aol.com

Can you shower/swim while wearing the prosthetic?

Yes our products can be worn in the shower or while swimming and will not detach. 


Is it sanitary to wear a prosthetic all day?

Yep! Each product is designed to allow airflow to the wearer's body. So even when fully attached, the piece can be rinsed out and aired out. Simply make sure to clean your prosthetic and yourself after each use. 

Our products are made with 100% skin safe silicone, however you must still use safe sex practices and use this product at your own risk. If any irritation occurs, stop use immediately.

Do not use silicone based lubricate. Only water-based.


How do you attach/use the prosthetic?

We have a quick How-To video click here to view 

A more in-depth private How To video link is provided to customers upon shipment.

There is a full written user manual included with each order.

All tools and material are included in the Blending Kit.


Where can I get more Blending kit when I run out?

You can purchase a Regular (85 USD) or Large (165 USD) sized Blending kit refill directly from us. Refills are for customers only.  The Blending mix is silicone based and skin safe.


What happens if I damage my prosthetic?

Due to the intimate nature of the product, we cannot accept returns for repair. However a discount may be provided on a replacement item. (Be extra careful not to over extend the outer skin layer while using the S-1000.)